“To be irreplaceable, you have to be always different” (Coco Chanel)

Photo by: Cinty Ionescu

We are all different. We are ourselves. Every individual is an individualist. Everybody is with oneself. Everybody takes its own decisions. Everybody has his dreams. Everybody has his way. We draw an imaginary way. In our minds there are a lot of things happening and a lot of more or less realizable “events”.  We always make a plan as backup solution which is either fulfilled or left behind. Our plans fit with other plans or remain our owns.

We want to do things. One thing is sure we have willpower. We start our way sometimes optimistic other times pessimistic. We try different things out with what we possess. Our experience is more or less “experimented” forces everyone of us to build something up.

We try to build. We come up with ideas. We want to be original. On our rush we take a sight to the others, because we are curious. Sometimes we like other`s idea and try to improve it. We build on it something which do not belong to us. We build to improve something which is not our own. It is like somebody who has put an egg in your nest and you are just about to hatch the baby chick and to raise it. The baby chick does not belong to you it is not yours. People see this, but to not know. Only the final effect is visible. You succeeded in having a baby chick, therefore it is yours. But at the bottom of your heart you know that everything is false, you do not feel comfortable with yourself and you try to cheat on you. For some time this consolation might work but in time it will start to “eat” through. It depends on you and only on you if you want to change something, if you want to drive the same in future or if you want your own “egg”.

Maybe “your own” should be special. And we still wish the product to be different, always pushed up, always on high stakes. A part of us always leaves a mark there. So it has to be. It is the visible part of things which makes the difference. It is the certain part which gives us a  plus of originality. But the difference stays in the fact that you are able or not to come up with something different than the others. Invent and reinvent yourself again and again. Be like a spring full of water. And if you are able to handle this that means that your spring will never be replaced with another. Yes maybe it can be covered so that the others do not see its water anymore, but it can still follow its way in the interior compared to subway wells that are not seen by anyone. But only if you want this. Everything stays in your decisional power and if you wish to be “irreplaceable”. It is a fight with yourself, always to overcome you, always to improve yourself.

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