Is exaggerated careerism good for our health?

career health

A career, independently of the field of activity you choose for professing, requires a constant activity, consequent effort and coherency. And you need a prioritization.

For this reason you have to assume the responsibility of your choices and to be aware which are the real motives of those choices. This makes the difference, if your are happy with the work you are doing or not.

If you are working over your limits on your career, you run away from your problems, because work focuses you on real and concrete things. If you hide a problem, you will not be able to solve it. So the career is only a cover for your other problems. A passionate person will not destroy oneself by excessive work, because that one will appreciate life. A Workaholic will lose the connection with one`s own person and will use work to escape from the uncomfortable emotional needs. The consequences of excessive work are depression, health or family neglecting and burnout. 

To escape form this cycle you should analyze the real motives for which you choose to do something.  And you have to understand that you are in control of your live and able to make changes. 

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