Is the classical Email disadvantaged by social media communication in future?

email death


The number one communication channel used so far in business was the old class email. It has also been used to create long-lasting business relationships or customer communication could be easily handled through the regularly sent newsletters.

But why can we declare the “classical” email is dead?

  • The email is lacking instant communication possibility
  • There are specific communication apps and systems with specific purposes
  • The majority of communication has moved to social media channels
  • Almost half of the messages (45%) received in the email inbox are spammy messages
  • Messages in your inbox are in most cases automated and preschedule instead of personalized written
  • In the mass of messages, you easily lose your orientation when you are searching for a particular information
  • Businesses will target in future members of Generation Z  and they do not favor email
  • Emails are time-costly similar with a certain type of writing – either for writing, checking or answering; time we want to spend more intelligently
  • Emails disturb our workflow and thus our productivity

What do you think about the future of email in business communication?

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