4 Keys to give an impulse to self-confidence

keys impulse self-confidence

The keys to self-confidence permit us to have the courage to take our lives in one`s hands and also to profit from good moments to fire a spark to action. But many times we face difficult situations.

Self-confidence is founded on a interior freedom and a vital elk. We can also call self-confidence as something that makes us vibrate, what nourishes your wish and our joy to live. Here are 4 keys, which nourish this life force.

Develop your abilities

It is important to identify the areas in which we feel comfortable and investing ourselves with them. The interest of this self-knowledge has just been confirmed by neuroscience. Studies have shown that persons, who have a stronger self-confidence, are not those who are all time self-assured but they are those people who are capable to estimate their competencies correctly.

Cultivate your curiosity

Make a sensitive, emotional, intellectual, relational experience is the best way to ward off the fear of the unknown and so grow on the psychological level, helps to evolve our vision about the world, pushes our uncertainties and our expectation of view.

Enrich your vocabulary

To know to express with accuracy and precision, because what you feel is essential, because our emotions are signs with direct our actions. If I say to you that I am depressed then this means that I am sad, then I make a reinterpretation of my resentment. And then there is a risk that for the response I like to give to the situation I am not adapted yet and this brings me into an impasse, which weakens the confidence in myself. This is a simple discussion, which blocks the building of a solid and secure thinking: therefore the vocabulary plays an essential role. It will be more dense, rich and nuanced the more I will have a chance to be clairvoyant and to feel safe and stable.

Accept to enjoy

What are others thinking about me? For what will I pay? When the gaze of others is perceived as a threat or simply as a judge is one of the strongest reins in the self-confidence development. One of your allies is an environment, which respects you and knows your qualities and what you like to express. And of course, it is your own view towards yourself, because you learned to become stronger and free yourself guided by your own compass.

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