Leave the herd. Do not live passively but actively!

Photo by: Antony Oliver

We were educated to be a group. As an individual if you are more open minded you usually face problems in accepting rules. You do only what you like.

But as you grow and enter an organization (kindergarden, school) your responsibilities  are getting bigger and bigger. You are constrained and formed in some group patterns, that you live in for many years without having the power to oppose. You do everything in an organized style, in a group and to be able to identify as an individual becomes difficult. You are just submissive. You answer only if you are allowed to, to say what you think only referring to the topic that the others address in class and nothing besides this, to learn to say with everybody in a choir letters and syllables when you discover the secrets of reading. Everything is learned in a group, everything is organized. When you leave patterns, you are immediately brought were your place is, for another time do not try anymore to break the rules.

Everything stays that you as individual not to be encouraged to function on your own and to be submissive slowly but surely to rules. But everything stops in a day and from this passivity in which you were put in and formed as an individual from the youngest years of yours you are obliged to make timidly a step out of the crowd and to be able to create something new again. You do not know what to do with your liberty. You are like a bird, which lived in a cage, captive.

You maybe learn to take attitude for the things that happen around you and with yourself. You learn again to recognize yourself and to adapt to the “now”. As an individual you should choose if you still like to adapt to another life in another group or to do something with your liberty from now on. It is well understood, that this way of freedom from the passivity you lived in and to what you are doing from now on has to be adapted from one situation to another.

The responsibility from now on gets bigger for you compared to then when you had a group life. Passivity should not be encouraged at all, you should not be passive to what happens to you and the people around you. To stay docile at your desk so that the prof can bring his hour to the very end and so that the others can understand what he has to communicate makes you only to learn again and again to conform to this rule.

Your chances to leave the herd are reduced, because you tend to relay on the others and covered by them, because you feel good this way. As a single person the responsibilities are on your shoulders and the fear from the unknown and unpredictable is even bigger. So do not try to encourage passivity, independently of the form it is “made of”. Do not be indifferent with you. Do not be indifferent with the others around you. Do not live indifferently. 

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