My list with 48 things that motivate me

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When you are full of everything and you feel that nothing is working for you you want to try something different. You want to escape the mood you have fallen in and to try to motivate yourself. You want to try new things, to make something you like. Think about things that make you feel good and try to put them into practice from now on. They help you to escape where you feel that you are free from stress, monotony, bad thoughts and moods.

For everyone of us the list should look different according to hobbies, free time, personality, tastes, gender.

For me the list with such things would sound like this:

  1. I plan my holidays, my birthday party or another event from my life.
  2. I buy myself a new fragrance.
  3. I go to the hairdresser and change my haircut.
  4. I go to the pool.
  5. I eat pizza or another food I love.
  6. I eat chocolate.
  7. I smile.
  8. I watch a favorite movie.
  9. I meet with dear friends and we remember old times.
  10. I go to a concert.
  11. I give my hair a new color.
  12. I make myself a coffee.
  13. I buy myself a new pair of shoes.
  14. I go to karaoke.
  15. I clean up my home.
  16. I listen to my favorite music.
  17. I give water to my flowers.
  18. I put on a favorite single and sing loudly to the text.
  19. I eat outside.
  20. I drink a glass of orange juice.
  21. I play a society game e.g. monopoly.
  22. I buy flowers that smell wonderful.
  23. I watch a sunrise or sunset.
  24. I paint.
  25. I prepare a meal I adore.
  26. I shut all technology (computer, tablet and mobile phone) down and go out into nature.
  27. I put a light on perfume candles or sticks.
  28. I go to a close city by bus or train to go shopping for half of the day.
  29. I eat a favorite cake.
  30. I lay on the grass.
  31. I have a walk in a peaceful place in nature.
  32. I read something relaxing on a bank in the park.
  33. I learn something new.
  34. I give my things away, which do not count for me anymore.
  35. I reorganize things from my desk or in my room.
  36. I buy myself a book.
  37. I call somebody dear of me to see how one is.
  38. I try a new tee sort.
  39. I have a hot bath with foam.
  40. I help someone. 
  41. I celebrate when I have a success with a cake and a natural juice.
  42. I shoot a photo.
  43. I learn a new dance.
  44. I take a shower and I sing in this time.
  45. I make a joke.
  46. I go to the theatre.
  47. I eat Harribo.
  48. I eat animal shaped cookies.

Try the same as I. How would your personalized list look like with things that are pleasurable for you and take you out of the monotony?

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