Small tips about anti-stress

small tips anti-stews


Breath, meditate … is wonderful to relax, with the exception that not everybody finds time to do this. The solution is: Stimulate the joy to live and make this last for the rest of the day.

Start with a cleaning

The water symbolizes purification and washing yourself has a strong symbolization. Nothing compares to a thoroughly washing of your hands under a water ray and sprinkle on your face to clean psychological disorders. 

Practice self-massage

Stimulate “Buddha’s wisdom point”: pinch the lobes of your ears between thumb and forefinger and slowly pull down. Repeat this many times until you have a positive mood.

Dream positively when you sleep

When dreams are pleasant, they condition a gram of positive emotions when you wake up. There is a very simple trick to influence dreams: Stimulate the smelling sense during the night with a pleasant and calming fragrance like the rose.

Catch the happiness virus

Avoid loneliness and be surrounded by positive people. Truly, only happy people diminish stress and bring with it positive mood.

Give yourself a break of “white coffee”

In this coffee, there is zero caffeine. It is a Lebanese specialty, which is a good option for more relaxation. The recipe: Boil 25cl water under small heat and mix in it 2 spoons of orange blossom water with relaxing aromas. You can also help yourself with a little honey or sugar.

Choose the suitable plant

5-HP is the active ingredient of Griffonia Simplicifolia, an African plant. It is a precursor of the serotonin, neurotransmitter responsible for the zenitude that often fails when one is under stress.


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