Living a happier life in 9 steps

living happier life


We all want to be happy. We all strive to be happy. But many of us are not aware of what makes us happy at all. 

Being happy usually includes a range of positive emotions like joy, pride, contentment, and gratitude and it is generally defined by people like “well being”. That kind of feeling when you seem to be truly fulfilled in your life. And there is nothing missing to you anymore.

But how to become happier? Is there a certain recipe? Which instructions to follow?

According to science, there are certain practices, which you are recommended to apply regularly in order to live a happier life. 

Living a happier life in 9 steps

1. Work on yourself

Happiness is an interior business. That means you have to put things in the right line with yourself. Work on boosting your self-confidence, because only so you become happier. Some methods to train yourself are: 

  • Show gratitude towards people
  • Escape your comfort zone
  • Work together with a mentor
  • Improve your emotional intelligence

2. Love yourself

Self-Love is closely linked to happiness. The more you learn to accept the way you are and to feel good in your skin the higher the chances that you will be content with your life. Some methods are:

  • Write your personal qualities down
  • Reward yourself
  • Respect yourself 

3. Balance work and personal life

This point goes hand in hand with Self-Love. If you cannot manage to put your limits and stress you out like hell, you will not be able to respect yourself and you cannot put the basis of a happy life.

4. The experiment in real life

The more practical, positive real-life experiences you have, the happier you feel. So limit daily time spent on Social Media and go out to meet real people.

5. Live the minimalistic lifestyle

 Material things do not make us happy. Maybe for one moment, we feel joyful when we buy or get something we desired for a long time. But the fact is that the fewer things we tend to collect around us, the happier we feel. It is better to invest money in experiences or gifts for friends. 

6. Live your values

We cannot be happy until we are not truly aware of what makes us happy. What are actually our values? Get clear on your personal values so that you can align your life according to them. 

7. Stay positive

Try to interpret things that happen to you in a positive light. Even in hard times use your imagination and feed the brain with images of the happy life you seek. The brain will accept them as real. 

8. Practice mindfulness

Meditation helps you to stay on track even in tough times. This practice bundles your thoughts and you will be able to focus on essential things. 

9. Find your purpose

What do you want to obtain in your life? What do you want to leave after you? Define your life purpose for yourself and go for it!


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