Manufacturer-User Gap: Bridging Holds Promise for Better Cybersecurity (Guest Post)

Manufacturer User-Gap Bridging Cybersecurity


This is a Guest Post written by the Techwarn Team.


Current day cybersecurity stats are scary, and that is putting it mildly. We are at the point where the only reason why a hack has not happened on our accounts is that a dedicated hacker might not be looking that way yet. 

It, therefore, becomes important to ensure we are always running a tight ship whenever and wherever.

The Challenge in Enforcing Cybersecurity

To properly understand why it seems there are always gaps to be exploited by hackers, we have to share the blame between the users and the manufacturers of these devices.

While these manufacturers will make you think their users are the ones at fault, this is not true at all. In the same case, the reverse is also true.

Role of Users

Research has shown that passwords habits have been on the decline for some years now. That is not helped by the fact that there is better awareness about these cybersecurity problems than before which should have led to a more proactive approach.

In some cases, the overdependence on biometrics and other forms of security is what leaves people exposed. At other times, they are simply exposed to how dangerous their activities – such as connecting to a public Wi-Fi network – can be.

Role of Manufacturers

In a bid to ensure their products can be used by the masses, many manufacturers make the mistake of downplaying the security aspect of their units for functionality. Of course, that gets the job done, but it also ensures the masses are possible targets for hackers at any time.

The Solution

To effectively tackle such a problem, all stakeholders (users and makers) need to come together to find common ground. While the user is being trusted to be informed and make solid security decisions, the manufacturers should also equip their units with basic security procedures. 

We have seen such moves as the partnership between HP and ExpressVPN in bettering the safety and online security of users who purchase a new device.

Only then can we have a shot at truly keeping the hackers at bay. 

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