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How many times have we asked ourselves what potential we have?

How many times have we asked ourselves what potential we have?

We people are gifted with huge potential. But it depends on everyone of us how we know to value this.

How conscious we are with what we have and when we are conscious about this we know only when we loose a chance and cannot make it undone. We try to open new horizons  with our knowledge. We try to break barriers, to search for a chance. In our discovery rush we often forget about ourselves. Our own person is overran with many other ideas, thoughts, concerns. How much attention and opportunity are we capable then to accord to it? We loose our mind in many strategies and problem solutions. We try with what we have to face what we are confronted with. We perform ourselves, we polish ourselves, we always try to adapt to the new. If we manage it or not we try to keep up with the already existent things. For many times we make it and this gives us a confirmation that we are still  able to adapt.

We encourage us that it is still doable that we have what a human being needs a minimum of intelligence to make it through. We like to discover and to make things exactly applied to our knowledge perception.

We do not need to be frightened to experience. The courage to show things should be “encouraged” by us and “fed”. Our potential stays and remains limited only to our own person. But we must be conscious with what we have. Everyone of us has it. And this makes the difference, we are unique in our own way.


I am curious about to know what you think about the term of potential? Is it another word for conscious mind?  

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