Me, myself, mine… the first person singular

Photo by: Aaron Fulkerson

Have you ever asked yourself how much you want to put yourself first in a dialogue?

How often you manage to express your person in a discussion with other people from a group?

If you manage in a discussion to leave a part of the dialogue to the interlocutor?

If in the relationships with the other people you have trust in the way you are addressed?

If you manage to give your trust or are there always signs of suspicion?

Sometimes we are not aware of our behavior referring to the people next to us. We do not manage to make this difference, because maybe we are not studied in a specialized domain and we do not know what a behavior or another means. We are only we and that is it.

Suddenly we read unexpectedly something which captures our interest. By trying with stupor to make a comparison between what we are and what we read. Many of us do not want to compare themselves with the found news. Others identify with them and try to take necessary measures to escape the situation they are actually in.

But studies referring to the upper questions confirm that the information referring to you, which you give to the people next to you can evidence your personal fear or the dissatisfaction of your marriage.

Since the 40s and until today scientist have proofed that people who say often “Me, myself, mine”  would have an egocentric personality, would be focused only on themselves, are depressive or face inter human difficulties, they cannot be alone for a long time and need the attention of the people around them.

Under the questionnaires which were used in the testings of a current study there was also the inventory of measuring interpersonal problems. An exemplary item of the inventory was “I find it difficult to trust other people”. The participants had to estimate how well this sentence fit to them. In this study there were interviewed 99 persons with mental disorders and 12 healthy person.


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