Can music help you for concentration and learning?

music concentration learning


Having a look at Youtube to listen to some new music I discover another genre of music, which enjoys great popularity nowadays. I talk here about the music that improves concentration and helps you learning, which consists merely of classical music or binaural waves. But is it true that music makes learning easier? 

music concentration learning

According to research music does not only have the effect to improve our mood when we feel down but also to boost cognitive abilities. While listening to music your mind tends to focus on specific parts of it and to detect when the rhythm of the song changes. Furthermore, music can help you to retain information better, by creating a positive learning experience and improve memory. Listening to a song evokes interest beyond the learners and activates the presented information mentally, physically or emotionally. Learners find themself in a mood of flow and tend to remember the information of the learned text much easier just by remembering the song. 

Inspired by this scientific evidence, I have a look at Youtube and see what I find. 

Try them out – maybe the songs below help you to learn easier?



What do you think about the results of the research? Have you ever tried to learn with background music? I am really curious to find out more about your experiences to assimilate new information, so I invite you to leave a comment below. 


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