My program for good mood

program good mood

Humour is directly linked to emotions, which fluctuate according to the rhythm of our life events. The mind and the body are directly connected with each other. The new disciplines showed how we could act on our mental states and our brains while respecting a healthy body hygiene.

I find resources for more serenity
Listen to multidimensional music for 30 minutes

This special kind of music, which has been studied by many scientific resources induces modified states of consciousness similar with those of meditation. It is like a wire, which scrolls for traveling in an interior space discovering a non-ordinary experience and we learn to come up with creative ideas. For a better delectation lie down and listen to the music with earplugs. For starting: “infinie joie” (unlimited joy). See here: www.

Here are some free tracks on multidimensional music:

I stimulate my optimism 

I walk rapidly! This raised the flux of the positive emotions by 30% and diminishes also the negative emotions.

I yawn deeply. The vibrations stimulate the brain. Yawing acts on all the diaphragm breathing muscles included. This gives an immediate relaxation effect. As a bonus, the more you stretch the muscles of the neck and of the face the more you free yourself from stress.

I put on the list three pleasures of the jour. Better than falling into a negative mood at night, note in a notebook three events of the day, which made you smile or pleasure. The valuing and instant memory in a pleasant way (even slipping away) model the imagine and nourish a positive thinking.



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