My Top 10 guilty pleasures

guilty pleasures


It is the beginning of August and many of us are already relaxing in their holidays or at least expecting to go on a nice vacation. In this time of the year, people feel like having a nice time and recovering from all year stress. So the majority of us  will also permit oneself a guilty pleasure. It is important to give yourself also time periods in which you simply leave your guard down and reward yourself for what you have obtained during the year.

I cannot talk about the pleasures of others during vacation by for me this is my Top 10 guilty pleasures:

  1. Eating much chocolate and sweets, cakes and all sort of delicious stuff.
  2. Sleeping long in the morning until 8 or 9 am or even later…
  3. Procrastinating on stuff I need to resolve and postpone it for days or weeks.
  4. Lose myself in different activities and trips and forgetting totally about time.
  5. Dance until I am totally worn out.
  6. Laugh much, very much, too much until I get on people`s nerves.
  7. Starting to be nostalgic about past times, watching old photos, remembering old memories with nice people.
  8. Taking on relaxed outfits, so I do not care much what I wear or how I look on a day.
  9. Watching a lot of movies and serials on TV either to make me laugh or to make me cry.
  10. Listening to very loud music and singing with it, even if I am not musically talented.


So what are your guilty pleasures? I wait to share them with us on Social Media or by just leaving a comment at the end of the article.



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