From a negative mood to a positive mood

Photo by: BK

It is morning and my clock ringing destroys my sleep. It is a day I start badly, because I have not waken up as I wished. And this has influenced my mood. My daily hassles make the day partly stressful. And this influences my mood. And I just turn into a negative mood, and once entered there I hardly manage to change the course of the dayI was convinced that once I started badly into the day this will be finished the same way. I live a bad day, which nobody or nothing is able to transform. I waited until the end of the day breathlessly just asking myself what else more cataclysmic could happen now to me and I took a deep breath for the day that had just ended by encouraging myself that tomorrow everything will be fine. But when I expected the less the destiny gave me another hit…

I have understood that things cannot evolve according some improvisations, which we build in our minds. I have finally understood that in a day there are beside positive also negative events. That everything does not only run into a single direction. I took the decision to change my trajectory according to these directions, to not let me guided my the circumstances.

I do not live in my sub conscience with the past bad days. The banal things compared with the alarm clock does not change my mood anymore. All the things that went wrong I do not take them now as “disasters” for the respective day but as normal things, which had to happen on the certain moment of the day. And I try not to create from every thing that happens around me a motive to changing my mood or disaster.

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