You are not allowed to make a mistake = it is better to try and fail than fail to try


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A mistake, one after the another, it is human to make. The more we make a mistake the less comfortable we feel with ourselves.

To fix a mistake is far not as difficult as we might think. The law of “you are not allowed to make a mistake” that you have been confronted over time puts in everyone`s instinct a barrier we always have to confront in the reality. Everyone`s personality puts borders.

Everyone feels guilty that only dummies make mistakes that you are not good enough to resolve a certain thing, incapable to come up with a solution. The feeling of being useless of not beeing part of the whole and not having anything to search in front of the situation and the people is another confirmation of “not beeing good for anything” for the team. And what is more difficult than supporting being an idiot? In order not to be confronted with such an embarrassing situation we do not have the courage to start certain things, we do not assume risks, we do not want to make a “fool of yourself”.

To overcome a barrier you actually cannot pass firstly, you have to understand yourself. If you can pass it then you can “permit” in your universe to make a mistake. You have to accept and understand that when you really wish something you need the courage to try: Things you have the courage to wish you should also try them out. It is a big challenge only you can pass. Always overcome yourself.

The fear of not making a mistake should not exist in this equation. Eliminating the cause your way is now not restricted anymore. The liberty gives us human beings a comfort and a larger zone for progress. It is well understood that the risk of making mistakes exists everytime. Sometimes you make it, other times not. But a thing should be sure: perseverate. Be strong enough to raise and start again and again. Have the courage to do things you dream of even if somewhere in your heart you have a doubt. And do not hesitate to try and fail than to fail to try!



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