Do not hesitate to believe that there is NO failure

Photo by: eyeofmycanon

You are prepared to realize something. You arm yourself with a decision you have already taken. You are aware of the fact that you are on the right way. Your time and energy are now focused on a single direction.

You start to open every drawer which brings you to a decision of yours and you question it carefully. Now you do not tend anymore to blame yourself for taking wrong decisions. You are like in a labyrinth full of many other drawers. Everyone of it contains another idea, a start to “something”, which has no essence at this point. But this does not mean at all that the trajectory of your way is always the same.

In the intersection of your labyrinth you slip to come closer to your dream. Maybe now the trajectory fits to it but this does not mean at all that in short time it may not be so fitting at all. Then you have to adapt by step and to dedicate to another dream. Its destination is unknown? What has it to do with that?

Everything stays that you do not need to be rigid. You should know how to adapt to different situations. Do not let space for doubt and regrets. You do not need to think about the specific thing all the time, it is easier now to focus on what you have to do. Learn to live in a word in which you do not fear failure. In your world there is no space for failure. Because you individually should not live failure. You have no right for it. Because you cannot fail anything of what you are trying to do.

Then you could connect in another way to your ideal. You would take attitude and position to a new challenge. How would you adapt yourself at the moment? Would you have more courage to go there? What would your behavior be? Would you be able to overcome the exposed situations? What would you do differently? Would your motivation be different?

It is like a roulette game. You loose or win in the fight with yourself. But in everything you try to do new there is always a new page in the book of your life. It is a page in which you always put something just learned. Maybe the result is not one according to your expectations. Maybe it is only a trial. But every lived experience brings you closer to your dream.

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