If you are down do not search to get “deeper”

Photo by: Jim Purbrick

If you are down, very down do never search to dig deeper than you actually are. Try to balance. Try to look at yourself. Try to make acquaintance with yourself again. You in the situation you have never been before, a new situation.

Which would be your attitude now? Would you ask yourself now, what had been the situations that might brought you there? Could you think and rethink them and readapt to a new situation? You have to analyze yourself and to see what has you brought there and if the things had been different, what decisions would you had taken?

If you found the reason, please do not try to continue this way. Try to adapt to new perspectives you have. Everything that is up to you is to finish doing the thing that has once brought you were you are. And if you finally have understood what mistake you had made, avoid the mistake. Try to be cautious especially if you are at the beginning of your way. Understand when you achieved the end and know to say stop when it is necessary. Know your limits as a human and where you face barriers.

Never try to access a zone from which you know from the beginning that you have no access: Because it is not for you and it is not destined to you so it will never fit to you. The “falling” will be twice as hurtful.

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