How to build a successful online marketing campaign

online marketing campaign


If you want to promote a new product or to make people aware of your brand and spread the word that you also exist on the market, you have to make yourself some thoughts on how to market your business. The more you work on a structure to make your marketing working like a well-working machine the better you will be able to measure the results and to improve your business in time. Therefore it makes sense to open the discussion on marketing campaign strategy ideas and to go online with them.

How to build a successful online marketing campaign

  1. What are your goals? Do you want to make your business more visible on the online market or do you want to grow your sales? Be specific and formulate the goals you want to achieve in a certain time frame like for example – I want to reach 1000 followers on Facebook until the end of the year XY by investing in Facebook ads Z Dollars per week in order to reach a bigger brand awareness. Write down all of your goals this way on a sheet of paper.
  2.  Who do you speak to?  Think about your target audience and create a buyer persona description. Include hereby information like occupation, annual income, family situation, age, likes and dislikes but also demographics, fears, goals and online behaviors. Next to your description find also a picture that fits very well to that person and sticks it next to your text. Create no more than 5 personas and keep them next to you when you are working on your campaign.
  3. Which is your budget? How much are you willing to invest and how much do you want to win from the campaign. Start with a small budget first to test (the lowest suggested weekly sum) your campaign and grow it in time if you see that it carries out the first results.
  4. Where are your target customers? Make yourself a list with all the online communication channels you think you will be able to get in contact with your audience. Be selective and think of the scope of your campaign.
  5. Which Keywords to use in your Campaign Copy? Make a list of typical keywords that come in your mind when you think about your business. First type them in the google search bar and note down the suggestion google offers you in connection with those keywords. Then check also “answer the public” out and receive more detailed information that can help you in seo marketing. 
  6. Formulate your Ad Copy! Craft a short and crisp ad copy and then find a catchy title for it. After that go search for an impactful photo to attach to it and you are ready to go. You can also make more versions of your ad and try their efficacy out when you run the marketing campaigns.
  7. Go for it! Create your ad accounts on the online communication channels of your choice and upload your ad! Leave it for a week, then see the results and adjust it. Continue this way until you reach your goal. Proceed with this method until you are successful and obtain all the goals you have proposed at the beginning


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