To have the courage

    To have the courage What makes us suffer? What is blocking us? At any given moment, we must have the courage to face what is unbearable. We must examine our fears, our weariness or any other negative state. It takes will and courage. May we are the only ones who can do it. No one can act for us. Let’s […]

    What is overfitting?

    Models that are not always essential guide us Behind the little used term of “overfitting”, there is a widespread evil today. This evil is to live according to what society expects of us and not according to our desires and our personal needs, which are set aside to prioritize collective needs.

    Letting go and love life

    How do we love each other? Love is typically the domain where letting go is a must for serenity and happiness. Pressure, over-adaptation and the desire to perform are simply to be banished from love life, it is an area where only spontaneity is a guarantee of success. Indeed, how to constrain oneself in the long term, and, what is […]

    Revisiting your emotions

    Emotions, a valuable indicator Emotions are the reflection of our thoughts or more exactly the consequence of our thoughts. For example, when we think we are going to fall, we feel fear. Our emotions send out signals. If we have not been vigilant enough and a harmful thought has taken its course, an emotion will indicate it to us.

    Get rid of negative thoughts

    Let’s identify the wrong thoughts We entertain thoughts which, when we are unaware, turn out to be wrong. Fortunately, the events we are going through help us detect them. If we do not succeed, other situations will allow us to bring them to light. So it is possible to have many poorly paid jobs before you can understand that it […]

    The attitudes to adopt

    Let’s take things as they come Rather than tensing up to be ready to pounce, in reaction to what happens, let us try to accept events for what they are. Has your neighbor just flooded your living room? Good. Do not rush home in the heat of anger. Consider what’s going on. What action should you take first? Put a […]

    The principles of letting go

    Nothing is permanent, everything is in perpetual evolution One of the principles of letting go is to realize that everything, every being is constantly evolving. We cannot stop time. Each person changes. We transform ourselves physically, intellectually, emotionally, throughout our lives. It is the same for everything that surrounds us: plants, animals, wind, rain. The objects also change, they slide, […]