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What does a plan mean to me? Does it mean to be such constraint by corsets I do not wish. A plan is difficult to handle. A plan inhibits me. A plan is something in which I request to me to do a thing. The impose to do it stresses me out like crazy. Why? Why should I impose something to myself I do or do not need?

The modern society transformed the free human being into a slave of modern plans. The daily life imposes rules to us we have to respect and to adapt to them. If reach or do not reach to somewhere, come or not from anywhere, there are some rules that everyone adapts according to one`s daily plan. A plan that is created with such an effort and lost time and if it is realizable or not this is only a question of chance.

I have seen numerous plans, to others I looked astonished how people can live like robots moments of their lives trying to adapt to a lifestyle that they cannot touch. They were stressed that in those moments they were not able to realize what they proposed to themselves. But you as an individual cannot adapt such like that to the moments of your life without stressing you out?

There a many options of plans, everyone trying to give you suggestions how to take a piece of paper and a pencil and to note down…

And hints how to achieve and and reach them. And the satisfaction of a well-done thing is at the end that your plan functioned not that you have invested time and energy to realize something. The indoctrination reached the highest point. We have come up with the conclusion that if you have no plan you are actually nobody and therefore you cannot attain anything. Principally, you have no hours for eating and sleeping, you have no scenario of the daily course in your life, what I find absurdly.

Between all kind of plans put on the exterior there are also hidden plans, which are kept strictly secret in our minds. There are plans we always feed until we attain our goal or not.

There a some kind of plans describing how to loose or gain weight, plan how to stop smoking and how, plan how to learn together with the necessary steps who you actually are and in which category you fall in or not. There are many plans, which if we wish they can load our memory in the certain direction. Our attention is directed. We are un-utilely bored by hints and barriers.

I do not believe that it is good to have no goal in life, for which you can fight. Similar I think it is neither good to have no interest. But try to have also moments of reflection and your individual freedom. This helps you to take the decisions you really need in life without being guided by a … plan.

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