Are you prepared to enter lions´ cage?

Photo by: Gary J. Wood

We are prepared human beings to enter life. We are major. Some with University degrees, others with a lot of life`s experience.

Some are studied and want to exercise their job they have put effort in to make a path in their life. Yes, they have now a diploma, with which they have practically nothing to do but without it they cannot exercise a job. They get a job and in reality they live on a fixed salary every month. The advancement they dream of, is established by other criteria not what they actually believe. The satisfaction of a well-done thing remains an open wish.

As individual you wish to have also a private life so you take a lot of credits to be able to buy a house in which you can live it. Or other things you have seen in TV advertisements. You life is now divided into a vicious triangle: bed, job and bank.

You are kept into a system, which does not help you to advance in career, but motivates you that it is good to have a diploma. But what do you know about how money works? How to make it? How to multiply it? How to earn it? How to loose it? Absolutely nothing.

You are thrown into lions´cage. The show just starts now for you. Are you prepared to handle it? Guess where the game is stopping for you?

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