Psychological Tricks to influence consumer behavior (Part I)

psychological tricks consumer behavior

Because marketing consists merely of psychological theories and principles, I want to present you a list of tricks you can use to influence consumer behavior.

1. Touch consumers emotionally

The copy you formulate for your ad should have an emotional touch in order to influence consumers emotionally. This works especially well if you describe how the product XY will improve a potential customer`s life, instead of just explaining its functionality.

2. Evidence shortcomings of your product

With marketing your product, you will try to put it into an extremely positive light, which is not credible for your customers. Therefore tell your customers besides the advantages also shortcomings of your product.

3. Underline Exclusivity

At the top of Maslow`s needs pyramid is self-esteem, that means the highest desire of people is to feel special like being part of an exclusivist group. Mention therefore in your ad “we are not for everyone”. But try to reformulate this message that it fits your brand. And do not make empty claims you cannot hold, because you will lose credibility.

4. Put yourself in your customers` shoes

Say openly in your ad about your product, so that your consumer will not have fear or doubt anymore, but to wish to buy it.

5. Offer convenience combined with discounts

Make the buying process as simple as possible. A good example is “buy now with 1 click” button or “read for free”. The effect of conversion is stronger if you combine convenience with personalized discount coupons to customers.

6. Focus on Customer Experience

Make sure your company`s website is user-friendly making it easy to use. For a high conversion rate, a low page loading time is essential.

7. Make your customers feel safe

People have to feel that their shopping payment and their personal data is in secure hands. You can integrate PayPal as payment method and Trust Seal Badges to improve credibility.

8. Offer high-quality customer support

A great customer support can increase credibility and consumer loyalty, a great help when something goes wrong with the order or if people have questions concerning your website.

9. Use Social Media

Social Media is extraordinary good for building and keeping relationships with your customers because they cause addiction. Use multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus and combine them together.

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