Psychological Tricks to influence consumer behavior (Part II)

psychological tricks consumer behavior



Some time ago I started to collect some ideas in an article about how to influence consumer behavior using psychological tricks.

In case you have missed it, I invite you to have a read here:

Today I want to continue this list, by adding more strategies you can apply in your future ads.

1. Use Anthropomorphism

Try to give your brand a human touch. You can obtain this either by the design of your brand or by the way you create your ads image and message. The idea behind this is the following: we people make a connection with the human aspect of a product. This emotional connection leads to a stronger brand attachment and probability to buy the product.

2. Include trustworthy looking people in your ad

Think about how you want to create your ad and whom you want to present together with your product. Not all people look trustworthy to convince people to buy. In generally people with higher faces are perceived more trustworthy compared to those with wider faces (consider as a prototype for measure the distance from the upper lip to the eyebrows). Brown eyes are perceived as more trustworthy than blue eyes.

3. Scarcity sales

The information that a product is running out or that the discount price will end soon, motivates customers to buy. We people think that precious things are scary and that also other people already decided for the product so that it must be good.

4. Rely on recommendations

Social Proof is one of the most effective tactics to make people buy because customers trust those other customers. The higher the number of product likes on Social Media, the bigger the snowball effect of buying. You can also add in your ad copy: “The majority of people like the product XY”.

5. Give customers the impression that they have the choice

Customers have to feel free in their buying decision. So do not try to persuade them directly, but use the technique of reverse psychology. Examples for formulations might be: “You`re free to go with or without product XY” or “I know you might not agree to this, but let me tell you…”

6. Activate Mirror Neurons

Show in your ad people using the product you are promoting in different contexts. Customers who are watching your ad (best in video format) will want to mirror the people`s behavior from the ad. This is a natural response of the mirror neurons.

7. The Right-Hand Rule

We people tend naturally to look more on the right side of things because the majority of us are right-handed. In your ads, you can use this principle, by displaying your product on the right side. Facebook and Google use also this principle in their ads display.

8. Play with the price

A higher price for your product can make it standing out from the crowd, making an exclusive brand. People associate a higher quality and enjoy the product more, just because they have paid more for it.


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