Respect people around you

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Relationships with people. Relationships that help us to collaborate and to exist. Relationships with people is a really difficult and sensible issue.

Respect to the person next to you makes your behavior to be other compared to others. You cannot talk badly about one, because a barrier is hindering you. Maybe between you there are like in every other relation moments of tension, but it is not good to be carry out to the outside. The others would not understand the lived situation. When things do not work out that well another way for walking is the optimal election for both parts.

The experience you live in every relationship is always a new one, one you cannot find in another episode. If the relation can be “bound” from the place where it has been broken try to start from where you have been left. Even if the things were not “pink” between you, it is good to not look back. You know one`s qualities and weaknesses. Never start with reproach to the done things. Take the full part of the glass and look at the positive parts. Try to show respect and evidence this by little gestures.

Do not look critical anymore but say thanks. Nobody is perfect the less you. Everybody of us has own ideas, own difficulties, own perceptions on life. The acceptance of them makes you creating a bridge of connection and to respect the person next to you.

Last but not least everyone of us wishes to be accepted and respected by the others. And not forget that the decision was also yours in the relationship, if you wanted you continue or not. You have to assume it and to continue this way forth.

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