Some secrets to keep the benefits of summer also in the autumn

secrets benefits summer
1. I am my biorhythm

Listen more to your physique, emotional and intellectual rhythm in the holiday time, it seems indispensable to continue this impulse even after holidays. Try to make a rhythm to start easily in the morning for taking more activity around 10 o` clock. After a light noon and a top afternoon disconnect in the evening with pleasant activities. And eliminate the screens from your sleeping room: their light interferes with melatonin secretion, a hormone which takes part in the harmonious cycle of sleep.

2. I meet my friends

Have you lived in a community this summer?

Human relationships protect against depression and stimulate the neurons. Then continue to go more in the society! Attention because the energy level is limited, protect yourself and run away from obligations. After coming back home to analyze what you feel. The changing of the environment has made you more dynamic? Worn you out? In the first case cultivate the relationships. If not cut this down and turn yourself to other relationships.

3. I respect my body

You have to listen more to your body during summer. And have you done the same when you have coming back from holidays? When you go back to office focus on colors, sounds… During the day you shake your hands, wrinkle your eyebrows? Analyse the causes and detach. Do you have backaches or headaches? Make a message. Shortly, be gentle with yourself and do not neglect the signs, which your body sends to you and give negative messages and can be durable.

4. I continue to hydrate

It is not a cause based on temperature, which makes you drink more. Water, tee, vegetable soup… the recommendations are daily around 1,5 liters of liquid. Water lubricates, eliminates toxins from the organism, is favorable for neuronal connections… in the Ayurveda medicine, it is recommended to drink every morning after waking up 2 glasses of water at room temperature. Finally, the clay water hydrate more and permits the toxins to be eliminated.

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