Smartphone – I limit the notifications


Our daily routine is rhythmic by the notifications of our smartphones and tablets. Notifications, Receiving of eMails, commercial messages… our hints to diminish all these entrees without our permission. 

In 2017 the time which has been spent in France with gadgets was 1h and 28 minutes per day, according to a media study. There are apps, which solicit more our attention like social media apps and video platforms about human on the internet (Facebook, Youtube). Like the press publication, that profit also on keeping the public directed to them the apps proceed the same through frequent notifications and alerts. Why should we lose our time and put a minimum of regulations? Clean up your smartphones! 

On the iPhone 

Mute out the notifications: go to the settings and then scroll to the notifications. There you can choose the mode of alerts: through audio form, provisory or permanent banner. 

Put your tool on night light: Either through accessing a Control Panel, touching the bottom of the screen up, then activating the Moon Icon. If you go through the Settings Menu and then click on „Do not disturb“. Here are different options: set up an hourly interval to stop the notifications decide on their deactivation when you drive or allow calls only as favorite contacts. 

On the Android 

Mute our the notifications: Go to the Settings menu, afterward on Applications and Notifications to configure the notifications. Here beside the visual and audio alerts, you can also make your gadget to vibrate. 

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