Some tips on motivational speech

tips motivational speech

Have you ever participated in a personality development event and felt totally engaged and motivated to change your entire life from that time point? Have you felt like you can move to the mountains? Congratulations! Then you know what it means to be fully energized after hearing a motivational speech. It is a totally normal reaction that happens in the audience if the speech has been structured to inspire the audience to make a change in their life. Do you also want to create a speech with this character?

Follow some tips on motivational speech

  • The audience should have a common vision
  • The objective of your speech is to create an attitude change 
  • The method is to make a connection with your audience`emotions, fears, and aims and to clarify why and in which way they have to change 
  • The first step is to make a connection with your audience by addressing one of their needs or wishes. A good starting point is the Maslow Pyramid of motivation to find which need your target audience has:
Photo by: Amber Case
  • The second step is to change the current situation that means to show how to make the change. You have to argue why the changes are necessary.
  • Lastly, you have to provoke the change that means to mobilize the audience to take on new attitudes, emotions, and wishes, but also new values and roles. It is very important to mention the obstacles and problems. The speech should end with energizing and motivating the audience to implement the changes in their life. 
  • For making your speech more interesting, use anecdotes, quotes or stimulating stories. 
  • Address yourself directly to the audience by using words like “you” or “us”. 
  • Implement a pointe at the end to finish at the top.

Which idea do you think you want to implement right now in your next motivational speech draft? Leave a comment below, I am looking forward to it. 


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