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Something about dignity…

Something about dignity…

What does dignity mean for us and do will still need it today? Besides many other personality traits you find it somewhere left behind perhaps a little bit forgotten the word of dignity.

A little bit dusty, marginalized and forgotten by the society we live in – how many of us are still convenient to be aware of it? What does it help us to be dignified when we are hit and crushed by others ?

A little bit hit in your ego you feel at a down level you are not part of it, it does not fit to you. You try to find your place besides other individuals that are destroying  dignities without scruples. You find yourself on a level that does not permit you to find your own place. Here you do not belong to and you are always searching for a space to be able to integrate. In the homogenization produced there  you are always a “strange figure” that does not mix up with the others. You stay always apart, because something from your interior “does not accept you” it makes it difficult to pass your limit.

You accept it is fine, they are also accepting you. If not, this is bad, because you stay apart with you ego. Who cares of it? Nobody, only you are interested in it, because you cannot let go. Something in your interior is bothering you and does not give peace at all. You are with nobody. You are alone. This is like a drop that falls and creates a hole. A hole that gets deeper in time and eats you in your inner.

Why can`t you be like them? You want them to accept you? You do not want this and like to stay as you are. You want to live in dignity. You try to walk with your head up. You don’t  want to be trampled. You do not want to have a burdened conscience that you once did things you regret.

It is a task you took over you and this is heavy to carry in time. But, all what is happening to you the most important thing is that you should feel comfortable with yourself that you took the best decision and did what should have been done.


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