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We have to fulfill a lot. We also have many ideas. We have also a more or less strong will, which adapts to what we propose ourselves to accomplish. Sometimes we obtain results easily, other times not, only failures. We are happy about good days. We learn from bad times to appreciate more the good times. We search for them. Sometimes good times appear unexpectedly and then they are more profound. We are lucky to have them but we are not aware of them.

Be aware of what you have. You have many qualities, but the most important of all is to be healthy. Your exterior appearance and maybe your inner beauty helps you to advance as an individual, to be accepted or not by the people around you and perceived at your just value. But you should also be helped by the people around you and by a little chance and intelligence. A gram of talent could help you to get over many other steps in you evolution more easily.

On your way you should proof also a lot of wisdom in taking many decisions. You are not always able to take the best decision, because there are always “n” options, that would change your course of evolution radically. But in the respective moment the decision was the best fitting for you. Maybe at another time and at another period of your life things would have been totally different, and you would have had another development in your evolution. For taking decisions and for the failure of taken unfitting decisions, you should be prepared powerfully. Never hesitate to believe in your potential. It exists in everyone of us you have only to recognize it and to develop it.

We should believe in us as long as we are still young and have power to fight. But it is always important to have a weapon with which we present us in front of our opponent. It should be always sustained by charisma. To know how to make yourself pleasing to people even in our most difficult moments or when we feel down on earth – this depends more to the way you know interact and to make them coming close to you.

The fact that we are surrounded by people we feel close gives us a lot of power. The family atmosphere brings us warmth on our soul, it makes us feeling good, so we can be without a shield and recover our batteries. To be grateful and happy about the fact that we have something to eat and are surrounded by dear people. There are people on this world who do not have all these and maybe did not know the values you lived.

Now that you got to know all your values have you ever asked yourself how you would have come along without one of those? For example maybe if you were not physically intact and this could also affect your psyche? What if you had not accepted you with this loss? Could you imagine living such a life? This would make a difference between some people and others. How many times looking behind have we been satisfied with ourselves? Or how many times have we been grateful for this?



What values do you believe are important for an individual? 

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