Something about wellbeing

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A new and modern direction in psychology brings with it the people`s education for a positive thinking, which promotes wellbeing – physical, psychological and emotional.

A part of the conducted studies tested children. Scholars wanted to proof, if the education is enough to make people happy.

Those for the Columbia State University (United States) have tested in the first study 150 children, who were born in poor families.

They went further on and in another study they have scanned the brain from 1100 children, who had the same social status like those from the first study.

The second study was broad and could demonstrate that those children had less grey substance in several brain areas like those implicated in language, visual attention, episodic and autobiographic memory, attachment and emotion regulation.

Therefore poverty influences the way in which the human brain evolves and does not only limit the information which populates it.

Wellbeing is in another study identified by two personal traits: assertiveness and the openness towards creativity.

Assertive are people, who are motivated to have a high social status, a leadership position; they are dominant and provoking. They also tend to be very independent and to do things how they want and not how the other people want it.

People with openness to creativity appreciate aesthetics, are predisposed to dream eyes-open, to imagination, fantasy, intellectual curiosity and personal development.

Dreamy and dominant people have more wellbeing;  who are search for personal development independently of what other people say, they take impulsive decisions and try to impose their point of view.

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