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Something about the universe of everyone of us

Something about the universe of everyone of us

The universe of everyone of us is part of our personality. It depends on everyone how big or small we are able to develop or to shrink it.

In my universe, I feel protected by the environment. I can dream or I can live the reality. I close myself when I do not want anybody and I open when I feel that there is no threat that requires protection.

I want as every other person to be there with my good and bad sides, with my thoughts and lived successes, with the failures and my part of the truth or maybe not to be hurt.

I do not know why but I want a part only mine, a part to retrieve when I feel down, to be happy when it is fine.

I want to have my way to relax, to recover for a new challenge, to have my way to become sad when I am suddenly and unexpectedly hit. And no one understands another in his/her feelings besides everyone himself or herself. Everyone of us lives happiness and sadness in different intensities. No one can perceive the feelings of others only lived by himself/herself or through himself/herself. But they are never perceived in their true intensity. We believe that it is what we feel, but in the reality the other is maybe more affected than he/she shows in the exterior. Maybe not to show how vulnerable one is?

Why do we tend not to show in front of close people what we truly feel? Probably to keep the unknown part which we do not want to grab it on the surface? Probably not to be perceived by close people as weak, more inferior compared to them? Or maybe for our own ego.

When we think that we have “tricked them out”, the people around us, maybe they have understood our hidden part the best. We have shown our vulnerable side and this has shown how strong we have been. To have the strength to show a part of your personality proofs trust in the other.

How will it be perceived? Depends on his/her universe and how much one wants to show this.


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