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Stop the routine! (Part I)

Stop the routine! (Part I)

We want the surprising, the delirious, the moving, the living. Our ideas for creating a daily life that is anything but plan-plan…

1.We’re having great weeks

and if, on Sunday evenings, we take stock of the program for the week that is about to start, all by filling in a weekly planner? The advantage of such a reflex is that it proves to us that the days to come are not devoid of appointments, occupations, people to meet.It is reassuring for the spirit, and it allows us to admit that life is not so boring.But above all, it is an opportunity to identify the beaches of “nothing”.At first glance, they are scary, but in reality, they counterbalance the constraints and show us, at the same time, that we have the opportunity to fulfill them.The slightest fun idea (cinema, bath, homemade sushi) will find an obvious place where we are usually able to snub it (no time, not serious…).

2. We surprise those around us

Surprises, text messages of good news, a mailbox full of postcards and nice phone calls offering us nice outings in nice restaurants. So rather than waiting for life – and our friends – to embark on it, let’s take the first step: let’s send this little note from the end of the world, offer flowers to Louise a month before her birthday and organize a party for her. Celebrate your new haircut! By taking the fold of surprise, we will stimulate those around us, who will respond and, in turn, provide fun around them (and up to us).

3.We take cross roads

We need projects, because projects energize us, warm us up and make us want to get up in the morning. Except that we tend to aim big and, above all, to aim precisely: we imagine that getting into sport means preparing for the marathon, and writing a book means landing in bookstores. Nay: we can come to terms with our desires without borrowing traditional or conventional life. A book, it’s self-published, and running, it can be practiced in intervals (I run for five minutes, I walk for two minutes) once a week and without a medal at the end. Let’s get out of all or nothing, because the in-between is exactly what we need to have fun.

4.We’re having fun (thoroughly)

Honestly, are we laughing enough? There are days when our abs never shake. Days when we don’t have the slightest grin. Sad, though. Because it’s proven: a good laugh, it puts you in a good mood, it’s communicative, it puts you in perspective, and if you look closely, it even transforms the gray sky into a blue sky (and you’re the only one who can see it) . So we say yes to comedy shows (so easy to access with Netflix, YouTube & Co), to friends who are funnier than the others (we assume to sort) and to self-mockery.


…this post will be continued with a second part.