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Stop the routine! (Part II)

Stop the routine! (Part II)

1. We drop (a little) our phone

Let’s admit that the more life lacks fun, the more we update Instagram and WhatsApp. We would almost be asking for a message, a work project, and being ultra-available to whoever wants to play friendship with us.

However, it is not by glancing at our mobile every ten minutes that the world will amaze us. Let’s try instead to drop our smartphone and consult it “once in a while”, just to delight in an accumulation of “good things” (great job email, girlfriends who finally answer…), and to send a signal healthy around us: we are a busy girl, which creates desire. Quickly, people will come to us, and so will opportunities.

2. We act the opposite of ourselves

For a daily life that surprises, why not have fun acting differently? Otherwise, what is it? It’s “not like yesterday” or “not like usual”. If you always grab the same cup of coffee in the morning, you can use another one, just to see. We can also walk to work and try to wear our old boots (the ones we never put on for some unknown reason). This sum of small details that we jostle is able to create change, changes, and gifts to open us to different days, less routine and more surprising. Who knows what compliment we are going to receive on our shoes of yesteryear?

3. We listen to our intuition

To dawdle less in everyday life, we could let ourselves be carried away, even caught up, by our little inner voice, in other words our intuition. You will notice that often we have aspirations, an appetite for a hobby, feelings that are a little obscure but that we quickly crush it. For what? Reason takes over. We will rather work on the urgent mail and we will not call Jack because we should not disturb him. However, all these “illuminations”, as we could call them, are not there for nothing. Let’s give them credit for navigating a life that unfolds as it progresses. There, there will be action.

4. We marry the good energies

We are not going to blame others, or places, for our overwhelm. But let’s be honest: some people, and some places, don’t carry the “good energy”, the one that can make us smile, relax us, encourage us to take on the world. So frankly, let’s not hesitate to prefer happy and enthusiastic friends, and to flee the walls that make us uncomfortable. We can’t take teleworking in our room a little sad in winter? We’re going to the cafe. Can’t take weekends in the family house anymore? We say “no, thank you” to our parents. In parallel, we darken where it breathes joy and enthusiasm.

5. We say yes to the surprises of life

What did it take to say no! But to say yes? We have everything to gain by no longer procrastinating for a hundred years in the face of a proposal. We invite you to a midday wellness spa, while massages aren’t really our thing? We say yes, out of curiosity, and out of the need to heckle during the week. We are given new responsibilities at work, or are we invited to meet the friend of the friend of the friend, whenever a romantic relationship can arise? We say yes. Of course it’s tempting to stay in one’s place, and of course it’s sometimes more reassuring to decline, by little change, the trap… But if life offers us a surprise, why not unwrap the gift before to judge?




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