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What does the notion of “success” mean?

Everybody feels and understands it according to his/her interior perception capacity. I think the school level does not count that much but how the individual knows to feel happy about it. It is true that the higher the school education the more levels are for obtaining success and you as individual have more satisfaction on professional site.

Some perceive it as success to play at lotto, others when they are competing in sports, others at exams. Everyone of us needs this encouraging word for overcoming an obstacle. Sometimes only saying the word “success” gives you an hint to go on. We need it, we lean on it, we encourage us by it, we search for a saving solution, we hold on it like we take a mouthful of breath. We need it before we jump over an obstacle right in front of us. Sometimes we wait for this word from people we feel close and we feel important to our soul and we have the trust that it is said honestly. Otherwise we have the impression that it is said only on surface basis so that they have to say something about us or to escape.

The word “success” is felt when it is said from the bottom of the heart or when it is said only so. The hearing of this word gives you  some security and courage. Everybody who hears it has a smile on his/her lips, it makes his/her forehead plane, it gives an interior well-being.

For me this word came later on when I entered school and my mother made herself a ritual before leaving to work in every school year in the first day when she woke me up. She wished besides other words also this word. The word “success” was cumulated with others so that I did not give much attention to it. Later on when I had exams this word was mentioned besides other two to three words which gave another weight to it. It was perceived in another way, but never on its own.

From other people it maybe came but I do not keep in mind any other details mere from important people to me. It did not touch me. Over the years I am now grateful that I got this word, because I faced helped by it some difficult days for me at that moment.

If we accept it or not words encourage us a lot in difficult situations. To stick to a person when he/she feels down with a simple word is very important to him/her. After all saying or hearing the word “success” gives us a well-being, trust and mental support.

What is success in life? What do you think? What is the true meaning of success?

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