Our exterior appearance is a part of our ego

exterior appearance
Photo by:Sodanie CheaVon: Sodanie Chea

We people are too focused on our exterior appearance. We are confronted in front of a mirror with images which we imagine in our mind in another way. We do not wish them and because of this there is a conflict between the images which we carry out with ourselves.

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Where has remained my dream?

Photo by: Neshika Bell

Where have I remained? Where do I stay? In the amalgam of remained and continued information and left over again we find no courage to follow them. I hesitate, I loose myself and hesitate again. I have no courage to do more. I look lost, I cannot gather myself. I try to do something but do not know what. I want to start from where I stand.  Continue reading “Where has remained my dream?”


Photo by: Christopher Michel

What does the notion of “success” mean?

Everybody feels and understands it according to his/her interior perception capacity. I think the school level does not count that much but how the individual knows to feel happy about it. It is true that the higher the school education the more levels are for obtaining success and you as individual have more satisfaction on professional site.

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