About shoe shopping

Photo by:Ashley Van Haeften

Everyone of us has one`s favorite shops where he / she finds exactly what is needed. When I want to buy for example new shoes for the spring/summer season I know where to search for them and I usually have 2-3 shops in my mind, where I know that I will find what I need.

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Memorable quotes from psychologists` world

Photo by: Derek Lee

I have listed in here some quotes of psychologists I have learned to most popular theories from.

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Me, myself, mine… the first person singular

Photo by: Aaron Fulkerson

Have you ever asked yourself how much you want to put yourself first in a dialogue?

How often you manage to express your person in a discussion with other people from a group?

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The world is in a continuous evolution. Adapt to it!

Photo by:patriziasolianiVon: patriziasoliani

The world evolves and we together with it. How would a world look like, in which all of us would have waited to get everything ready made without spending any effort?

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How to find the positive side of stress

Photo by: Britt-knee

Stress- a word I hear very often almost daily in my environment. When I open the TV in the morning I find a reportage about stress, when I switch the channel some people are discussing lively about the negative consequences of stress. When I open a woman magazine I surely find a test to measure my current stress level. After that I go out to do some shopping I meet my nice neighbour and from the moment I see her I know she will be talking about stress with me (she does not have to open the mouth – I know it). Stress, stress, stress … everybody is talking about it.

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