Some information about handshake


The greeting takes part of good manners code in business but not only there. The superior, the woman or the one with the highest status has to give firstly one’s hand in a handshake. The hand should be shaken with the right intensity and with a vertical position.

The way to shake the hand of the person in front of you tells a lot of information about you. 

The right handshake is moderated in intensity, it is neither rapid, not too sticky. A strong handshake with the entire palm indicates aggressiveness, that you want to dominate the other person. If your handshake is too rapid you might be nervous, have doubts, and fell not comfortable in the situation so you want to escape quickly.

If you want to win the trust of your discussion partner, smile and shake his or her hand using both hands. 

When you shake someone’s hand you should consider three things and you can transform the experience of handshaking in a really special moment: first of all the most important thing is to keep a limit of good sense in the intensity with which you shake the hand, secondly to look your partner in the eyes (it seems natural but 70% of the people who shake hands look into another direction than in the one of their partner – this is a sign of hurry and lack of respect), thirdly Be Present! (this means to make your brain empty from thoughts and to be there and nowhere else). The few 4-5 seconds you spend for handshake you should take only for this. It is a unique ritual you have to treat as you should.

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