Personal Development
That’s good for me

That’s good for me

Sniff vanilla

When we smell vanilla, we immediately feel good. Why?

Because breast milk already contains this sweet nuance – and we therefore perceived the aroma as an infant and associated it with the feeling of security for the rest of our lives, explain Researcher.

Enjoy company

When we feel part of a larger whole, that makes us happy.Because in a community we feel in good hands and accepted.Just create moments like this more often: Gather all your loved ones around a table, eat together or play you board games.

Healthy side effect: US researchers found that being close to people we trust and loved ones protects us better than any vaccination.

Feel something warm

When we feel warmth, not only does our body relax, but also our psyche. We then associate pleasant temperatures with closeness and security.

A US study shows that just holding a cup of hot tea in our hand can trigger these sensations. Another study found that a warm bath reduces loneliness. The researchers found that the more lonely people feel, the more frequent, longer, and hotter baths they take. Their conclusion: when we lack social warmth, we instinctively compensate with physical warmth.

Taste the taste of childhood

What did your mother often cook for you when you were in elementary school? Fish fingers with mashed potatoes? And for dessert there was chocolate pudding? Prepare these dishes for yourself and serve them a delicious sense of security.

Because the smell of your favorite foods awakens those carefree and homely feelings of that time in a matter of seconds.

Listen to soft tones

Music can give a deep sense of security, explains Prof. Dr. Hans Mogel in “Security: Source of Strength – How an attitude towards life gives us strength”.

Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and listen to your favorite pop ballads.