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The art of letting go

The art of letting go

Letting go is a complex notion. To give a definition of letting go, let’s say that it’s the action to help you to eliminate that keeps us from doing well. By letting go, we open up and welcome the new. By doing it this way, we are committing ourselves to a happier life, and to give us more care.

An opportune time

There comes a climax where we have to abandon the things that no longer need to be. We are desperately clinging to what we hold, but at some point we have to recognize that it is no use. Some things are outdated and prevent us from evolving. Indeed, when a situation seems intolerable to us and we go through a kind of interior chaos, it is time to let go.

An attitude that relieves

The letting go is not seen since it acts at the level of the spirit, but it is felt. It is a journey within oneself which, by dint of courage and will, allows us to abandon what makes us suffer. By letting go, everything we felt to be guilty for disappear. We are relieved of the weight of this pain.

True detachment

To let go is to give up our internal resistance. Usually, when things aren’t going very well, we try harder to keep things as they are. For example, your partner wants to go and live in the provinces when you have just lost your job. Instead of quietly discussing it with him and seeing what kind of work you could do elsewhere, you will persist in thinking that you absolutely have to stay in one place in order to find a similar position.

Let’s discover our true nature

If we feel that we are striving, it is necessarily that we are fighting against our nature. The effort we experience indicates that we are wrong. We are on the wrong track. There is no point in clinging to the thing that we absolutely want to keep. Letting go is to stop acting in the wrong direction so that our true nature can flourish.

To give up is to let go

Letting go is an ancient technique that is part of Eastern wisdom. So, for Buddhists, letting go is akin to renunciation. This state of mind leads to inner peace. They consider doing, having and becoming occupy a large part of our life. These are distractions that take us away from our essential nature. To renounce it frees us and allows us to take the path that leads to ourselves.

The Wu Wei, the Taoist letting go

For Taoists, the art of letting go is Wu Wei, which translates into non-action or lack of effort. It does not mean to do nothing but rather to work in a fair way, in accordance with a force which exceeds us. When the true attitue is attained (a combination of will and intention), action can take place.

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