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The attitudes to adopt

The attitudes to adopt

Let’s take things as they come

Rather than tensing up to be ready to pounce, in reaction to what happens, let us try to accept events for what they are. Has your neighbor just flooded your living room? Good. Do not rush home in the heat of anger. Consider what’s going on. What action should you take first? Put a basin under the leak? Very good. Then warn your neighbor about the damage you notice at home? Perfect. You can go ring the bell. Therefore, by adopting a positive and practical state of mind (since you have to be in this situation), you will remain calm and will manage to resolve the problem at hand without creating unnecessary tension.

Detach Us

When we are involved in an event, we forget that we can become part of what is happening. Whether it is an artistic activity or a job that requires all of our attention, it is natural to do so. On the other hand, if it concerns something external to us, it is not necessary to invest as much. It is even inadvisable since we are acting against our nature, identifying ourselves with what is happening. There is no stake, no challenge to meet. For example, you break down with your car on a country road. The nearest town is twenty kilometers away and traffic is almost non-existent. Instead of enraging or collapsing (there is a whole host of reactions) and assimilating to the failure, it is better to take a step back. By adopting a detached attitude, the problem is no longer insurmountable but quickly resolved. In addition, your mood is not altered.

Take the time to think

Letting go is learned and maintained. It requires awareness as well as focus. We must therefore devote time to reflection. We must, for example, ask ourselves what is blocking us in order to be able to let go.

Do we trust?

To let go, it is necessary to have self-confidence not to give in to fear or any other negative emotion. It is a fair and responsible attitude. We need to be considerate of ourselves. Deep down, we know that we can live our life with peace of mind, no matter what. Trusting yourself leads to the release of tensions in the body and in the mind.

Trust in others

When we manage to tune our trust in those around us, our relationships are enhanced. Let’s try not to want to change others, because in any case it is impossible: we can only change ourselves. Let’s stop monitoring what our colleagues do, for example. When we trust them, we also find that they are very effective. In addition, we are relaxed!

Let’s trust life

You have to try to adopt this confident attitude all the time, in everything. As soon as you wake up, try to be confident and prolong this state throughout the day. Even if you may not be able to do this all the time because you are too busy with your daily actions, remember to practice that confidence as often as possible. Your quality of life will only be better.

Let’s focus on the essential

Let’s learn to relativize. Your jacket is ruined because you didn’t see the dry clean label. Basically, is it so important? What do you really care about in life?

Do we expect to receive

By relieving ourselves of everything that encumbers us, by opening up to life, we bring about changes in ourselves which seem to have repercussions on the outside. So when we are confident we emit joyful energy. It is as if this energy finds an echo somewhere and sends back to us what we are able to receive. But that only happens if we are ready to welcome it. For example, after having sent our application to a company, let’s forget about it. Let’s be confident.

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