The benefits of silk for health



A smooth skin, a shiny hair… and we are thinking of silk for being more beautiful when waking up? Pillowcase or Turban, try them out, adopt them!

Where do they come from?

From Vietnam, women traditionally take care of their skin by using silk. Through the observation of these habits, some brands have developed nightdresses with virtues of beauty. But take care, because these are truly effective, of the silk is 100% natural and of high quality. A good hint: the silk says “25 names” (the unity of measurement of the density of silk), which guarantees the thicker and softer texture. And the satin? Nothing to see, non-breathable, will give humidity, warmth and rests during the entire night, which favors the apparition of small buttons.

The actions on the skin

More absorbent compared to cotton, the silk keeps the amount of skin hydration, and take care of not applying creams before going to sleep. It also offers more gliding, which limits the crinkling of the skin at the ears part during the night and the apparition of sleeping wrinkles at the cheek region. Hypoallergenic, the silk is also less irritating. At its contact, very sensitive skin is less disposed to reddish and mixed skin shows fewer imperfections.

Which benefits does it have for hair?

Friction is the first cause for frizz or hair falling. When you sleep on silk the hair does not suffer caused friction. But this is not all, the proteins of silk contain fibroin, (the fil of silk) and sericin, which assures the structure of hair, at the contact the hair remains smooth, the frizz hair remains silky, and is less tangled when waking up. Finally, silk does not absorb fat, which permits the head skin to remains hydrated.

The night mask an ally for beauty

A maks is not a travel accessory. It is used every night and the eye region remains better hydrated, and that reduces the apparition of wrinkles and dehydration. Moreover, silk masks permit to find your sleep more easily and diminish eye swelling during the night.

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