The four levels of implication

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I always tell myself that I like to be more motivated. And I decide to choose two options:

The first thing: What was the motive for taking this decision.

The second thing: From wish to action there is always a barrier. I stop when I start to do the thing. But this is not only happening to me.

The most people have dreams, which they like to touch but they never pass the wish level.

Other people have dreams, which they like to touch and they are totally implicated to touch them.

Only when you are implicated you will see results. You will put in effort and make everything that stands in your power not to find excuses to stop.

There are four levels of implication:

1.”I will try”: But in this case you will give up at the very first obstacle.

2. “I will do everything that stands in my power”: But in this case you will leave an open door for excuses and justification and you have lost the battle before actually starting it.

3. “I will do everything that is required”: It is the way of thinking that brings up results. People, who think this way know that they will either succeed or fail. There is no middle way. There are no excuses.

4. “It is as good as solved”: It is the highest level of implication. When you think this way, failure is not an option for you. There is only victory. You will not search for excuses, you will not complain indifferently how many obstacles will come up.

The key of success in life is to pass from wish level to implication level.

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