The ikigai to find your fulfillment

ikigai fulfillment

Make the test to identify your ikigai

Take colored pencils and some paper and answer the following questions:

What do you truly like to do?

Your preferred activities, for which you do not feel time passing and which make you vibrate.

What are your talents? 

What do you succeed doing easily, what you are good at or what other colleagues ask you to do.

What is the world missing? 

If you would have a magic wand what would you like to change?

For what activities can you be paid for? 

If only for the job you are doing or also for the job you could do based on your qualities.

The personalized responses are the second stage

Fill in the circles from above schema with simple words, sentences or symbols starting with the four exterior circles.

You find common ideas for the circles in which are crossing, in the four categories: passion, mission, profession, and vocation. Finally, you write the keyword, which resumes the best the notion of the four intersections in the heart of the flower, and this is your ikigai.

Can you make a synthesis?

You should make this exercise more often to be able your qualities and your desires. Take this exercise as an experience of getting you known and to discover your ideas and emotions.


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