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The latest article I read online

The latest article I read online

I have been searching for a while what to write about in this article because I had no inspiration what I could share with you this time. Searching on the internet I have found an article about what our face reveals about our character. So I decided to have a read and to share with you the most important insights from this article.

The original one is in Romanian and can be found here:

The most important ideas from the article are the following:

  • People from the antics believed that the physical appearance reveals personality traits.
  • In the middle eve, people were believing that beautiful people have a good character and ugly people have a bad one
  • The Science that describes the character by physical attributes is called Physiognomy – it correlates personality with about 100 physical traits.
  • Eyebrows: People who have thin eyebrows or who are not well defined are believed to be indecisive and distrustful of their own strength. On the other hand, people with thick, bushy eyebrows have a strong personality. United eyebrows denote introspection, but also jealousy and possessiveness.
  • The eyes: If they are deep in the orbits, the eyes denote an internalized personality. Out of orbit eyes characterize a very extroverted person. The distance between the eyes: Close eyes indicate personalities with a narrow view of the world. A greater distance between the eyes denotes an open, tolerant nature.
  • The mouth. The shape of the mouth provides information about an individual’s personality. The raised corners suggest an optimistic personality, and the dropped ones are found in difficult people, hard to please.
  • Jaw. A well-defined jaw suggests a strong character, but also a stubborn nature. A small jaw indicates weakness and is specific to people who are easily influenced.
  • Wrinkles. Those who have wrinkles in the corner of their eyes, known as the “goosefoot”, are open and cheerful, giving a good mood to those around them. The vertical lines that appear between the eyes are specific to rational and determined people.

What do you think about this theory? Do you believe that it is possible to read a person just by looking at its outer appearance? Share your ideas in the comment box below!

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