The power of diplomatic conviction to obtain your rights

diplomatic conviction rights

The majority of us tends to go into defensive, even if their rights are misused. The causes can either go back to childhood and eduction, so that they have not learned what their rights are. Or they really like to fight for their rights, but fear bad consequences. Or people simply do not have the competencies and do not know how to obtain their rights. 

If you also find yourself beyond this group, no problem. Let`s see, how you should behave to convince others that you are right. The trick is to make your discussion partner feeling that one has the same rights like you to feel accepted.

Here are 8 suggestions to obtain your rights:
  • Try to be self-assured 
  • Ask yourself: What am I interested in? What do I like to obtain? Compromise or Clear decision? 
  • Be flexible according to the discussion line 
  • Speaking tempo should be moderated: not too quick, but also not too slow
  • Your voice should be loud and clear
  • Use clear formulations
  • Give precise reasons, articulate your own needs, use the word „I“, express emotions directly
  • Your mimics should underline, what you say, should be vivid; your body posture should be relaxed; keep eye contact!

To be able to put those techniques successfully into practice, you need to train your social intelligence. That means to be able to „read“ the feelings, motives and reasons of other people, but also to be able to react adequately to them. And you have to learn to put borderlines to tell people, when to stop. But remember: your goal is not to have a victory on the other one, but to obtain your interests with respect!

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