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The principles of letting go

The principles of letting go

Nothing is permanent, everything is in perpetual evolution

One of the principles of letting go is to realize that everything, every being is constantly evolving. We cannot stop time. Each person changes. We transform ourselves physically, intellectually, emotionally, throughout our lives. It is the same for everything that surrounds us: plants, animals, wind, rain. The objects also change, they slide, break, are recycled. There is therefore no point in getting attached to anything since everything is transformed.

Accept the change

As everything evolves, it is useless to want to remember what is happening. Anyway, whatever we think, whatever we do, things change. We can’t do anything. It’s the law of nature. If we refuse, we are going against nature. By accepting transformations, we are in harmony with the order of things. In general we refuse what happens to us because we judge the event to be negative.

Let’s accept whatever happens

Throughout our family, professional, sentimental and relational life, we are confronted with happy and unhappy events. The first transport us with joy. The second saddens us and we often have the unfortunate tendency to dramatize the situation. However, by letting go, that is to say by accepting the difficulty, the discomfort fades to give way to serenity. So when you find out that your friend will not be able to free himself to go for the weekend with you, there is no need to make you angry or make a scene. Even if you are very keen to leave, you can do so later. Take advantage of your free time to take care of yourself. Acceptance releases all emotions and allows you to change your point of view. Things look simpler. Everything is going perfectly.

We can’t control it all

We do not have the capacity to change the course of events. Our Western culture wants us to believe the opposite, by making us believe that we have the power to change things, to heal, to be rich, etc. If this was true, we could escape natural disasters, war, epidemics. All our projects could be carried out easily. However, it does not seem to work that way. Have you decided to be fired? No. Realize that we do not have the power over all things. We can only try to do our best.

We can’t control everything

If we desperately cling to things, it is because we are convinced that we will overcome them and emerge victorious. It is because we have the illusion of being in control. Let us free ourselves from this mistaken thought. We do not have such powers. We do not have the capacity to rule the world. We have our limits. Let’s face it. By agreeing not to control everything, an opening takes place. The place for other events is created. At the same time, calm follows unnecessary restlessness of the mind.

To accept does not mean to approve

Your brother still cannot pay you back a sum of money he borrowed from you six months ago. He had promised to do so, though, and you were counting on it to settle an unplanned plumbing bill. By accepting that things do not turn out the way you thought they would, you will be able to solve your problem differently. But that doesn’t mean that you approve of your brother’s somewhat light-hearted attitude. You have every right to point out to him that it would have made it easier for you if he had returned your money.

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