The sound of voice

Photo by: Andy Morffew

We people are born with a voice, which transmits what we feel.

From the age of 7 month babies perceive the emotions out of other people`s voices; when we address them, they can distinguish the sound of a happy or sad voice from a neutral one.

Some of us are cherish by nature with some very fine antennas for the sound of the people that surrounds us.

In time scholars have tried to figure out what the voice says about it speaker. Recent studies have shown that a listener is able on only what one has heard to deduce information about age, exterior appearance and weight.

The voice also influences the attraction and helps to find your partner. The psychologist Gordon Gallup from New York State University has proofed in one of his studies that men find the sound of female`s voice the most attractive when she is in her most fertile phase of the month.

Communication makes things seem a little bit easier for us human beings. Helping by our voice we can hold speeches focusing on what we want to transmit, to sing, to calm crying babies.

Depending on one`s voice a man can be known when one is happy, angry or nervous. When one is nervous the voice is not in its power and shows what one is really feeling. When one is angry the voice has heard for many times shouting, speaking pressed or unstable. Even in an exam because of emotions one voice made troubles, it could not be controlled. When one is happy the voice sounds different. From the voice you can also understand the degree of positive emotion when you go through different moods.

Your voice can also be different: to tremble, to overact or to shut. The voice can be partially determined genetically. The sound of the voice can underline your educational degree, social provenience as well as the health stadium.

In the interaction with human beings our voice helps us to integrate and to adapt better to the social medium. The deciphering of the massage between the lines has helped to the classification of the one in front of you in a quick and correct manner. It has made the connection with the one with whom you interacted to be a more or less helpful one.

The sound of the voice can tell a lot. But only we people have to know how to listen to it.

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