Tips for improving concentration



Let`s talk about these disciplines and exercises, which permits you to improve your concentration on a long-term basis or helps in case of attention deficit.

Connect yourself with nature

Go out in a park oxygen your mind and this is the best method to load your batteries. Nature has many benefits for us. For this reason, go out and oxygen yourself as often as possible to stimulate your positive potential. Help yourself out with a little break (20 minutes) when it is possible and then your efficacy and concentration will be surely improved.

WHEN? Give yourself time for recovery at the morning break in a park or a garden.

Try the quadratic breath

In the same respiration – breath in 4 seconds, block the respiration for 4 seconds and breath out during 4 seconds and block the respiration 4 times. And then follow with your normal respiration.

WHEN? At work before a meeting or an important appointment.


Learn to fix a point

During a minute focus your attention on a fixed point. Reduce the zone of concentration: if you observe a table, fix a particular point. Every time you should become aware that your mind demobilizes, come simply back to your attention point. Otherwise, save your energy up in advance. This translates by walking slowly, to take time to enjoy a warm drink, and generally speaking to calm the frenzy of action.

WHEN? In the middle of the afternoon to improve the attention before the end of the working day.


Experience Mindfulness

Sit down with closed eyes, focus on your calm and regular breath. Feel how the breath enters your nose and after that how it goes out warmer. Listen carefully to the author from the inside: more or less distanced, more or less agreeable. Listen to those sounds without thinking of them. It is normal that the mind is directed into another way. Every time come back to your breath to find yourself again.

WHEN? In the morning after you weak up spend 10 minutes of meditation. It improves the concentration on a long-term basis.


Contemplate an object

Choose an object you want (a pencil, a fruit, a book…) and take a minute to discover it like it would be the first time. Start with an observation, to feel it, touch it, see it, taste it… Focus your attention on this object of contemplation.

WHEN? During the morning when the attention drops down, this exercise of relaxation permits the stimulation of concentration by waking up the senses.


Work at your balance

Concentration is the keyword in yoga. This thing is special in the realization of postures called Asanas. They require a synchronization with breath, a certain balance, which invites to guide the spirit in the present moment. In the practice be aware of the postures to regulate (favoring a psychic balance), but also for re-orient your attention, you and your body.

WHEN? Offer yourself a Yoga Session at the end of a day, ideally to free yourself from your tension.



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