6 Tips to stimulate my health

stimulate health

1. I take do-in courses

The do-in from the Japanese medicine teaches us about the benefits of the self – massage. It which helps us to diminish the pain, to have a better digestion, and to recover from a chirurgical intervention. For example, before a hyperactive day or a sportive effort, make a message on the point “big mountain” situated on the most prominent part of the muscle. The heating of this point oxygenates the muscles, accelerates the blood circulation, and avoids cramps in case of a prolonged sports activity.

2. I meditate on the jump from bed

To start a better day, take your time and make a visual message, then the belly, making circles. When your body is wakened up, concentrate on your respiration and visualize a sun whose rays penetrate the top of your skull and floods your body. Feel how each part is relaxing. Repeat 3 times.

3. I make a water cure

The therapeutic approach to water has proved its worth. French research on the thermal bath has shown that six months after a cure, 80% of the patients who suffered from anxiety or sleeping disorders, has shortened their treatment with at least two months.

4. I make myself a dream book

To remember your dreams better, create a journal. It permits to argument your creativity. Take always a notebook and a pencil on your nightstand. If there are no images, which can make you remember, describe the ambiance (colors, sounds). Reconnect to the present and detail your emotions, make drawings. Little by little, you will remember a growing number of dreams.

5. I illuminate my life

To anticipate the sinking of luminosity take a Vitamine D Ampoulle, which strengthen the bones, and opt for a lamp, which simulates the dawn of the day. The most recent lamps promise a good sleep quality and a gentle wake up, by guiding your respiration according to the intensity of light, a rhythm inspired by mindfulness meditation.

6. I boost my memory

Chewing, by increasing cardiac activity promoting the flow of blood to the brain, has a positive effect on the memory. Chewing gum avoids nibbling and reduces stress, which is a well-known enemy of memory.

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